The Swamp

West of New Orleans and South of just about everything else in America sits an oddly beautiful place, the Atchafayala Basin (I quadruple-checked how to spell it). Visiting the South is something I choose to do exclusively in the Fall and Winter months. When you’re married to someone from South Louisiana I don’t think its too much to ask to be taken on a Swamp tour and so my spouse and his family joined me for everyone’s first-ever Swamp tour. 

Google tells me that the Atchafayala Basin is the largest wetlands and swamp in the United States. A swamp tour in Louisiana is an amazing adventure. We rode in a flat bottom, tin-looking boat out on water that spanned for miles and miles. Our guide spoke English, but his accent was so thick I understood very little of what he said. We saw alligators, birds and I’m pretty sure I ate 1,000 calories in bugs.

What I didn’t expect was the peacefulness of this place. The Spanish moss covered trees that sparsely dotted the water were eerily beautiful. The water seemed to never end, which is one thing when you’re in a boat on the ocean but such a different feeling, view and experience on fresh water. Apart from the people and the food, this serene, scenic tour is one of my favorite things about the South and the pictures, although gorgeous, definitively do not do it justice.


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